Just gorgous! Thanks for sharing!


Spoken like a true brother. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’d better get 'forging, 'cause I just finished my next one – dodecahedron!


You are so generous with your designs–thank you! I love the painted celtic one.


Cool! Another color of acrylic maybe? Engraved??


So many ideas, so little time!

Right now I’m torn between building new shapes or improving / prettifying existing ones. It’s like a new addiction within an addiction!


I stayed up 'way too late playing with polyhedron designs. Here’s icosahedron with her little brother dodecahedron.


Things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Putting cutouts on the sides helps to disguise the finger joints (but I still want to do some layering and try some classier-looking embellishments!).
  2. A cutout big enough to work a finger or long thin scrap of plywood through can help with assembly, when it comes time to wiggle that last piece into place.
  3. Fairy lights look better behind frosted acrylic.
  4. This rabbit hole is pretty much endless.


Love the little brother.


One of my friends I showed this to suggested putting rice paper on the inside to diffuse the light


That would be beautiful! I think you’d definitely have to loosen up the finger joints, though, as that wouldn’t give you any way to poke your fingers in to wiggle a stubborn connector into place.


Now this brings up the question, can you engrave rice paper? :smiling_imp:


I’ve seen some impressive-looking photos of engraved vellum – probably somebody out there has tried rice paper! I’d go looking, but my Physical Terrorist awaits… :stuck_out_tongue:


My two favorite shapes! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Is that celtic thingy on the first one an inlay?


No, just scored and painted. :slight_smile:


You have a steady hand…


Thanks! Maybe not as steady as it once was, but I still do okay! The scoring helps, too – the ink/paint doesn’t tend as much to get away from you. :slight_smile:


Running a pin through the score after painting also helps clean up any paint that built up in the line and gives a cleaner look.


… or better yet - use snapmarks, and re-score after painting! :smiley:


:disappointed: Easy for you to say! Not everyone is so lucky yet.


That wouldn’t work for me, anyway. Paint and re-score and THEN assemble? No way I have that kind of patience; I have to BUILD IT NOW! :wink: