Idea for plaques, awards, commemorative gifts

Here’s a project that was inspired by an art gallery show I saw in LA of giant art prints of Buckminster Fuller’s patents. I made a set of two of these, one for me and one for my design biz partner, commemorating some early patents we each were granted. (btw–not comparing my little toy patent to Bucky’s brilliant inventions, but my invention is essentially the Drawdio electronic-sound-making-pencil…only 20 some years earlier.)

I engraved the line art and text of the patent documents into medium clear acrylic. Then I cut a medium draftboard backing board the same size. I printed with b&w photos onto blue paper stock and laminated that to the board.

A simple slot-together stand simply holds the clear and blue panels together. The Medium PF Walnut sure looks snazzy!

I like how the engraved white linework looks like a blueprint and floats above the blue, making a subtle cast shadow in real 3D space. Might be fun to try one in thicker clear for a deeper look.

This design and approach could be adapted for lots of things and special events: graduation certificates, awards, diplomas, wedding licenses, marriage announcements, report cards…it’s up to you!




Awesome design idea!!

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That is a pretty cool idea.

Did you engrave on the front face of the acrylic or the back? I’m guessing front based on the shadow.

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Yes, engraved on the front. When stack up I do like the slight spacing between the depth of the engraving and the blue blacking. The lettering and artwork “floats” slightly above the background creating a bit of depth effect and casting a shadow “down there” on the blue background.

On the other hand you might prefer the finished, glossy look of a solid front–if so, flip the art and engrave the back instead. Up to you.


Great idea :bulb:

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Good old Bucky!

Love this idea. Very creative.

Great Idea

Really like the addition of the blue cardstock. It really pops!

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I agree with @ptodd that blue cardstock gives it a wow factor. This opens up so many possibilities…saving to my favorites category that I reference when looking for ideas. Thanks!

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