Idea for proofgrade shipping boxes

I always thought it’d be cool if Glowforge shipped their proofgrade material in cardboard boxes that had a special QR code on them. Then you could put the box itself into your own glowforge laser cutter and it would cut out something fun, like a picture frame or puzzle, anything they come up with. It would be fun for the customer, pretty cool way to recycle the box, and I’m sure glowforge employees would have fun designing them. Win win win


I like it! Oh, @Dan! :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. It’ll drive their FNL into the care of geek2nurse and the new lawyer will provide better legal advice. Or if not better, at least more in line with my thinking: so better.


Like Amazon does with their boxes, “Not just a box” with instructions on how to make it into a spaceship for the kids.
As @caribis2 said, the fire hazard would have the FNL spinning.


I think project printed on the proofgrade boxes is a great idea. Way back in the early part of the long wait, we started speculating about what kind of premium should come from Glowforge along with the laser. I thought there was a missed opportunity to practice the trace feature for the shipping material. This was even before Proofgrade was announced.

However, when I came to understand that cardboard, while a useful material, doesn’t quite make liability lawyers happy, I realized that this idea wouldn’t fly, even if the cardboard globe featured in the promo video.


Hmm darn I didn’t think about the liability of cutting cardboard, probably because I’ve cut a ton of cardboard with my glowforge without issue

Interestingly the few GFs I’ve seen that burned out didn’t involve cardboard.

Acrylic was one. Flyaway masking I think was the other. Anyone remember better than I do?


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