Ideas for magic canvas creations

I was curious if anyone has ideas they plan on using the new Magic Canvas feature for. I’m kinda drawing a blank on what I’d actually use it for but would love to start a thread here with ideas people are using it for to give inspiration to other with.

Also would like to have an open discussion about commercial use on this feature as well if you have an opinion (informational opinion) on it. This seems to be another grey area and would like an informational discussion about everyone’s thoughts on it if you have any helpful inputs on the topic.

Any help, thoughts, ideas on uses… would be appreciated.


Well the whole thing started with a request for a guinea pig playing a stand up bass, so I imagine that’s where it would come up :slight_smile:

When someone asks me for something decorated with X, I usually start online looking at random images to see what sparks my imagination, and then show those to my friends and see if one style over another speaks to them. Then I go about creating art in that style.

My plan is to use Magic to get those initial ideas, and if the recipient likes that art as it stands, I’d no longer need to then make something new.

All that being said I don’t do anything commercially so my use case is different.

:glowforge: has said the art created by Magic is the creators to use however they see fit, but not knowing whether the art used to create the dataset…


I am not particularly interested in discussing the commercial use of Canvas creations. There have been many recent articles regarding the ethics and legal issues that explore many of the main issues and the comments generated by these articles are often hostile.

As for uses, in the live stream yesterday they mentioned generating ideas for logos, coasters, jewelry, pictures, etc. Examples here in the forum from Midjourney also share uses for the images.


Greetings -

After playing with the magic canvas a little, I don’t know that it will be that useful for me, as I don’t engrave much. But the Geometric and Adult Coloring book styles do create some interesting, themed, designs that can be cut out with a little editing effort and engraved as is. So it’s nice, but fairly limited on the surface. Also, the image size being 512px x 512px is pretty small.

That said, I’ve only used MC for an hour or two, so I’ll probably come up with more usability / applications for it as time goes on. And, of course, that’s what the contest is about too, having people see what they can do with it as an example for others.

I can also see using the trace function in Lightburn/Illustrator/Etc on the more ‘photographic’ images created and scaling / altering them for a more functional application of the tool. I’m by no means a graphic designer, so mabey MC will be really useful for alot of people, and 'm just not seeing the potential yet. Totally possible.

As for the Copyright concerns. I’ve typed in ‘Batman’ for instance. Are the results copyright infringing? See below. I don’t know, I personally wouldn’t take the risk of commercially selling them, but for most other things I’ve tried the results are plenty generic enough that there shouldn’t be any concerns. But I’m also not a legal expert. :slight_smile:



There is another benefit of AI art, in general. Most of the time when I want to make something original I’ll go online and do an image search of that basic kind of item, to get a head start on creating my own image of it. Thing is, until now, virtually everything you would see is ‘real’. There is fantasy art and cgi of course. But when I’m looking for design inspiration, sometimes I want to turn down the ‘reality bias filter’ to just a 1, or even 0. Now, it’s easy…

AI Art also is an interesting blend of algorithm and just random chance, which can help you frame an idea in a different perspective.

I suppose most people might see it as simply nonsensical. Which is also fair.

But I see it as just another creative tool. Like Adobe Illustrator, but for ideas or concepts.

Gives me an idea for another ‘Maze table’. :slight_smile:



I think over in the Magic Canvas Contest– Enter for a chance to win the $1000 prize! thread there are several examples of things folks have made. The type of stuff I make with my laser doesn’t lend itself to this kind of art (or art in general – I can probably count the number of times I’ve engraved a picture on one hand) but there seems to be sweet spot of wanting to put a thing on a thing where it looks like it has applications.


Here we used a 5" inch mirror, went into the Magic Maker application and typed in Oceanside view of the Northwest coast. picked the one I liked and downloaded before tracing the bitmap in Inkscape and bringing it back into the glowforge server for printing. Our setting are at 850 speed, 100 power and 270 LPI. All in all the whole print took about 24 minutes. We are very satisfied with all the creations that we are able to conjure up and creating for others pleasure here at Imagination Plaza in Oracle, Arizona.


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