IDEAS NEEDED (Mothers Day)

Fellow Forgers, I could use your help getting an idea to gel. A friend of mine is an EMT and used one of his gadgets to record and print out my kids’ heartbeats. I’d like to turn them into jewelry for my wife on Mothers Day. Can’t quite picture how I want it to look, and hoping some of you might have a project to share for inspiration!

Maybe a bracelet - etched wood slats with elastic string somehow? I considered a necklase but I can’t see how that would look at all attractive…



How many kids are there?
If 2, acrylic earrings - 1 heartbeat each?
If more kids, make a little jewelry pouch with the heartbeats engraved on them.

If you search the web for “heartbeat necklace,” you can see a fairly popular style for that sort of thing:


So, maybe a cutout rather than an engrave? Or an engraved cutout?

Maybe some inspiration, in any case!


Similar to what @evermorian said, cutting out the EKG would allow for much more variation. What if you traced the outline of the EKG and cut it out of leather to make a bracelet or watch band?


Hadn’t even thought about leather… That’s a great idea!

I really like the design in that picture but I was worried that being so thin it wouldn’t be very durable out of wood, and I’m not a big fan of acrylics for jewelry. Still, maybe something to try. Thanks!

That’s kind of what I was thinking about with the cut+engrave. Maybe make a thicker expanded outline and, engrave the narrower part inside that. e.g.:

… or, even just cut out the inner part.


Um, if that’s your EKG, you have atrial fibrillation or flutter…


Heh. I kind of expected that. :grinning:

I was just in Corel Draw doing something else and did that for a quick illustration. It wasn’t worth the effort to dig out my last EKG.


You could make them out of metal, by engraving off an etching mask off a copper blank, then etching by any of various methods (Google copper etching) then infill the etched areas with paint.

Kinda similar to these I made:


…or you’re that annoying patient who keeps pulling off his cardiac leads. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Those are amazing!


Awsome, work, @cynd11! I was thinking something really similar to this, but maybe with a bar that can go on a chain or be curved into a bracelet like this or this? Could also use cermark (or search the forums for other marking techniques).

Something like this would be cool, too.



Don’t like the PR elevation, and the j-point is a bit weird too…


I’m going with pericarditis.

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Something like the heart to encapsulate it, but using the child’s initial so they’re identified?
Unless you’re both cardiac specialists for whom the EKG itself would be enough identification!

Narrowing it in! Bracelets on elastic beading cord. Tried circular tiles with one string, then with two, but it looked so clunky. Finally went with one oval tile. Now to get some nice wood for the final cut.

Thanks for all your ideas!



What method did you use to isolate the heartbeat? I am working on something like this for MIL birthday using the grandkids heartbeats but having issues making them look right.

or worse looks more like torsades

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