Ideas on how to etch brass mail box (3" deep)

Hi! I’m tinkering around with my old corroded mail box. I sanded it down to a shiny brass, I even already spray painted it , my idea was to use the paint as a mask, lasering off my design, then etching the brass with ferric chloride. but then I realized the box is 3" deep, so it will not fit even without tray.
any good ideas on how to proceed? I though maybe I can laser cut a thin plastic, and use that as a mask to somehow remove selectively paint? I have a cheap sandblaster: maybe make an acrylic mask, then use to blast off the paint? perhaps forget about etching and just keep blasting into copper?

Solid beginnings of ideas.

Check out #11 for some more:



Dec '18

You can always make a tape stencil then black the brass.


So this is outside the scope of the :glowforge:laser but maybe look into electro-etching. Electrolytic Etching of Brass

A vinyl cutter would be a far better solution.

The laser is not always the best solution to every problem.


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