If i had a glow forge: home server computer case

so i have been useing a micro computer with HDD’s and SSD’s via USB3. performace has not been great cause USB… i recently upgraded the game rig so now i have a motherboard and cpu that needs to be put to new task. the thought is get all the drives on the mobo sata instead of USB.

if i had a glow forge i would make a better case but for the time being ill fabercobile something ghetto.

all in all i will have to end up having a place for 16 HDD and 6 SSD

a piece of lexan (not laser safe but was close to the right size with out me having to cut it so I went with it) to mount the MOBO to

in this picture you can see some of the drives in the middle and wings of the entertainment center

mounted and pretty

ill add more as my project continues, with hopes of once i have this stuff mounted i will transition this thread to a fusion 360 build in hopes of a GF. in the mean time hand drilling and cutting :frowning:


That looks awesome, and I could see engraving traces on an acrylic version just for fun.

One question – how on earth (sorry) are you grounding it to prevent static discharge? I can’t get within 10 cm of a piece of lexan without getting shocked…


ya so I have had all lexan / plexi cases in the past and have not had a static problem. yes its a risk I just have not experienced it. also all the components carry a ground to each other via the PSU and that to earth.

so I cant give you a good answer but yes its a risk

also its temporary

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Then again, I live in the very dry zone of Colorado, where opening a door can be a life-changing experience.


That’s how everybody tracks me in the building when I’m up there for work, they follow the “blue” language that occurs when I touch something…


So I used a hand layout for holes with only a tape measure and speed square so its eh. I think it would have been better if I had a second clamp but the further I got away from the clamp the more the sheets drifted. so for 1/2 the holes I had to mill them with the drill to get the screws to line up.

it created a huge static load I only did it because these are not my good drives they are 400gb 300gb etc… so I don’t care what happens to them


my bit coin account only had enough in it the other day for me to order 1 controller so far so the remaining drives are still on USB and this project is a zero/low cost project so no hard cash being spent


well after the eyball and doing transfer layout for the HDD panels I put this together
(svg attached but… it never works for me uploading)

< /a>

DHL lost my SATA controller card so I have to wait like 2 weeks now for a claim to be filed and a new one sent to me so this project is kind of on hold