If you dont have a Pre-release


Cheers to all the forum members that dont have a forge!
Ive got nothing to add other than my obligatory ooOOooo or ahhhHHHhh.
So here is to the little guy, may we get our own toys soon.


:laughing: Nice meme choice

Yeah every new one that comes out is bitter sweet. I’m bummed that I haven’t gotten an email yet but I can’t wait to start playing with one! They can only make so many at once I guess.

Although at 6’4" and 260 lbs I’m hardly the little guy.


I’m counting down the days until we get ours! :squee:

In the mean time I am grateful to all the Beta and Pre-Release Members that are demonstrating the Glowforge, making amazing things and more importantly testing for any issues!

Really need to put in my Inventables order and start hoarding materials… get the craft room/area ready!

I’m the little girl! 5 Feet and 88 Pounds (I have a sign given to me by my manager it says “Don’t mess with this little hot pepper, you’ll just get burned”)


Agreed. I am so thankful for all of their testing. Watching everything that has been posted so far and the continued posts are saving me material, I’m pretty sure.

Got my craft room 100% prepped this weekend. Now just need to get on learning some more software.


Me too! So much to learn and I still need to visit my local material shops. I recently discovered a shop called Windsor Plywood thanks to my father in law re-modeling his house! Note to self not to wear Stilettos when visiting this shop… I saw all the men cringe as I walked on the wooden floors… oops… :sweat:


We can all just hold out hope to be the first PRO pre-release user :wink:


Yes! This! Would be soooooooo awesome :grinning:


I just try to think of the Beta and pre-release folk as guinea pigs, getting all of the user errors out of the way so that I will be able to forge only finely distilled awesomeness.


I feel for all the beta and pre-release people. They’ve been able to touch the magic but probably have to give it up before they get their forever glowforge.


We will cry…:sob:

(We’ll probably cry a few times anyway…stuff does tend to change up on you just as you start to think you know what you’re doing.)


No kidding! It’s like watching all the cool kids do their thing, and I’m just over here daydreaming about what I would do if I were one of them. I don’t know enough about lasers to even begin to know what to ask or add to the conversation, so I’m just sitting in the back with wide eyes clicking “Like. Like. Like.” You can only say, “SO AWESOME!” so many times before you get tired of your own comments.


We should get a badge for not having one. Then those who get pre-releases are at least denied something. :slight_smile:


We’re denied sleep.




Yeah… I don’t mean to be negative but most of the pre-release posts tend to be more of a downer than anything else for me. Most of the time they’re like “Hey, look at this sweet thing i made!”… which just looks to me like "Hey, look at all the cool stuff you could totally be doing, if only you had that thing you bought forever ago…"
Again… not knocking the people for posting their progress… just bummed I can’t join in on the fun.


If you need sleep, why don’t you just cut some out of wood with your LASER?!


Never in my whole life (62 years of it) have I ever been a cool kid. Until now. It feels pretty good, I have to say. I wish you all could be cool kids.


Just to be clear, when I say “the cool kids,” I really mean the cool kids with all sincerity—you guys have been awesome in sharing and documenting everything with the rest of us. That’s got to be a HUGE sacrifice of time and effort, not to mention dealing with all the vulnerability of putting this thing you made out in front for everyone to see. I haven’t commented often lately, but I am definitely learning a ton from your successes, failures, and conversations with other pre-release users.

I can’t speak for everyone, but it seems to me that most of the rest of us are incredibly grateful for all of you guys!!!


Oh I totally took your comment in the spirit you intended! I just wish you all could be in my shoes. I can’t help believing it will be soon!


I feel the SAME way