If you like .25" hardwoods, this is outstanding

I work in .125 only, but this is quite a chunk of wood.



:star_struck: gorgeous!

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Yes indeed! Beautiful!

Maple porn at it’s best!


Pretty but a bit pricey

bookmatched pieces of wood are usually more expensive than just regular sheets.

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Which is fine if that is the need and since they specialize in musical instrument backs, it is definitely worth the extra but if that is not the need then not so much. :unamused:

I was more posting about the uniqueness of the pattern and markings, you don’t have to use them bookmatched… they’d turn the right project into a statement, be it a box, or an inlay, or a tray, or a game board, you name it. Anything where the wood is front and center.

Imagine a checkers set using these as the white pieces/squares. They’d be amazing. Or a backgammon board.

it’s not just musical instrument backs. furniture as well. I could see using them in box making, too.

but yes, if you don’t really need the bookmatching, it’s not as valuable.

that said, @evansd2 is right, the grain patterns are really nice. and quite often some of the best grain patterns (especially more “variegated” (for lack of a better word)) are sold in bookmatched pairs because they’re more valuable that way.

Wow - that’s beautiful. I’d love to add to my collection but I’m just becoming a collector of beautiful wood and I need to start PROJECTs with that wood. :smiley:


Gorgeous! Sadly, collecting beautiful wood isn’t as convenient or inexpensive as gorgeous paper. I have to keep reminding myself of this!

I was agreeing that they are beautiful, stunning even, but until I can start bringing in some money turnover pricier than I can manage at the moment.

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