If your Frugal... I bring you FreeKEA... and some sweet skills

I took time to whip up a desktop organizer creation lesson. On top of being fun, I learned some new skills that I share with you in the the clip. It is a TinkerCAD lesson, of course which is free and web based. No install needed. I am designing this to be build of cardboard because I am using it in a classroom and it is FREE and cuts FAST! You could take these skills to use more robust materials as well though. The special skill that is a game changer for me as a creator is the align skill… Feel silly I did not use it to its full potential till NOW!


How do you deal with kerf correction in your models after you get them to that point? Or do you just use glue to make sure they dont move after they are assembled

We have been using glue. Most of the kids that made the name plate just left them as loose parts so they could move them from class to class.

Thank you for all your videos


You do an excellent job on your videos, always keeping it fun and informative!

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Thank you. It is good to be back in school so the kiddos are starting to whip through the lessons. Hopefully I have some fun show and tell photos to add soon. =)

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