IKEA for laser gift supplies


Went to IKEA today for the first time with my laser goggles on, and I bought a LOT of laserable goodies. Way more than I planned on. They have so much there you can laser engrave.

They also have these great paper rulers with metric and imperial you can put up on your shelves for quick measurements.


Humm, I wonder how many millennial falcons have been engraved already?


Sadly no Ikea around in north Idaho. Not even Eastern Washington.


We had to drive out of state, but it was totally worth it!


No comment lol. On that front however, I should have something fun to share soon.


Super cool!! Thanks for the tip (and suggestions in the images).

I wonder if any silicone is there? I have a dream of cutting out my own trivets. However, I have heard that silicone can become gooey (maybe lasering silicone is a bad idea…).


I am really interested to see the lasering of the Plastic Cutting boards and what it looks like, Heck I will probably aleady laser most of my kitchen. Has anyone lasered Pyrex?


Just got back from the one in Phoenix (about an hour ago). Also hit the Rubber Stamp Convention in Mesa - Fun Saturday - and it was 82 degrees out !!! Gotta love Arizona. I saw those plastic cutting boards - those were polypropylene weren’t they? Is that laser-able? I’m surprised you didnt pick up the handled cutting boards (only $5 and make awesome hanging kitchen decor if lasered). Those darker cutting boards were a new item - I was wondering how’s they laser (but held offf on buying - have too much waiting as it is). They also have the wooden kitchen utensils and wooden clothes hangers thay would be interesting lasered gifts as well.

I also grab a couple of theose paper rulers to have around for measuring at my “craft” table (the pencils laser nicely too in my 500mwat laser) after sanding off the IKEA :hushed:

Did you check out the “scratch and dent” or clearance area? I got a PAX mirror door ( about 2 ft by 8 ft mirror ) for $8. Also some nice table tops for peeps who haven’t picked out or designed a table for the GF yet…


The 2nd largest IKEA in the world just opened near us. I think you just motivated me to pop in!


Fun story about those paper rulers.
I went with my wife (girlfriend at the time) to IKEA to help her furnish her first apartment after college; it was both of ours first time at an IKEA. So, I got bored, and I noticed the paper rulers. I took one, rolled it up really tightly, and hid it on her person. Then, I did it again.
Long story short, I got somewhere between 10-20 of them on her without her noticing. We got back to her apartment, and she kept finding more of them for hours. :imp:

…She’s a lot more vigilant on trips to IKEA with me now.


Nice haul! I hadn’t done price checking on things like the cutting boards and cork, so if they are a good deal that’s exciting, as there is an IKEA about 10 minutes from my house.


I DO love Arizona, equally beautiful up here at Lake Havasu, albeit a bit windy today… although no IKEA nearby. That mirror door would make for lots of engraving practice if you can cut it down to fit through the Glowforge!


Here in Western WA between Seattle and Olympia, there is an Ikea and just down the road from Ikea, a Rockler (woodworking supplies)… I have a feeling I’ll be making a few trips up that way - I can feel my credit card humming with excitement already!


I get real jelly of people that have Rockler and such nearby. I’ll have to got to go to ATL or BHM and they are both a good pull from SE AL.


I did one for grins and giggles once. The engrave wasn’t as nicely defined as wood or acrylic. No contrast either. I prefer bamboo ones.


yeah polyethylene melts somethin’ fierce in laser cutters, least at this power range


Grr. The closest IKEA to us is in a different country.


usd goes a long way in canada, though ~

i thought about ikea a while back, too, though i don’t plan on engraving cutting boards i don’t personally make. another cheap supplier might be winners / tj maxx; i was there today and saw a ton of pretty nice cutting boards for cheeeeeeap.


I thought lasering plastic was bad for the machine right?


only halogenated plastics: something with (bad for you, can kill laser over time) chlorine, (can kill you or laser over time) fluorine, or (bad for you, can kill laser over time) bromine, etc. otherwise it’s a matter of what works in a laser rather being bad for it - like the white cutting boards reference above just melt too much for low-wattage co2 lasers to be too effective.

but i was talking about wooden boards i saw today, anyway.