Ikea for the win!

Guys (and gals) I’m at Ikea in Columbus, OH and I am killing it with good deals on stuff to engrave! Will post pics later!


Yes! Please post what you make!


IKEA is a GF’ers best friend. :wink:


I haven’t made anything with these yet, but, here’s what all I got! A dozen cork coasters, so enough to make 3 sets, 6 trivets, 2 each of wooden fork and spoons, Two 2-piece cutting board sets, and 3 packs of cork place mats. They are 12 1/2" x 16 1/2" and they were on sale for $1 for the 4 pack! Pretty thin and flexible so I’m going to try to use some to cover my stainless steel bottle openers (my wife’s idea) and who knows what else with them lol. Pretty good haul though, and was around $40 for all of it.


I’ve got an Ikea about 2 miles from me and love it. Last time I saw the boards, they had Ikea stamped on the bottoms. Does any of that have the logo on them?

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Avskild are really useful.

#1, I’m super jealous you live that close to an Ikea, however it’s probably best for my wallet that I DON’T haha
#2, I looked over everything and these particular cutting boards did not have their logo on them. Either that or I’m blind and totally missed it. I will look when I get home today and let you know for sure.

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