Ikea hack table performance?

Now that I’ve been able to use my machine for a while, I thought I should get a better table setup than the 8’ folding table it’s on. I’ve seen a lot of you have done the paper shelf Ikea hack for your set-ups and am considering it myself. How have they held up? Have they stayed together, level, held up to the vibrations,etc?


Since you have something that currently works, keep an eye on your local goodwill store. I scored a very sturdy Bassett desk for under thirty dollars. (It was one of those “can’t turn down” deals!):sunglasses:


FWIW, I have had zero problems with mine. I’m quite happy. The only complaint is that I pretty much filled it up despite having all of that shelf space. Although I guess if I were looking for something to nit-pick, getting the bottom piece off of a stack can be slightly annoying, but I’ve got a rolling shop stool I can slide things onto, sort them out, and put them back and I’m become fairly adept at it.

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Not the paper shelf hack, but I’m using one of the Alex drawer units with a linnmon table top secured to the top.

I’ll admit that it looks a bit wonky (table top is bigger than the drawer unit), but it serves my needs well. It’s sturdy enough to hold my GF, can be moved around easily, and holds a ton of supplies. I was wary of whether or not it would be strong enough for all of that, until my dad got up on the table top and jumped around.