Ikea Hack Workstation with Tons of Storage for GF

Like many of you I was looking for somewhere to actually place the glowforge. I needed something with storage for materials and that wouldn’t visually annoy my wife. So I put together a custom ikea solution that matched some other cabinets we already had in the same room. Cost from ikea was about $350 and home depot was another $50 for the extra ducting materials, so about $400 total. It’s a pretty awesome setup, your left with a little gap on 1 side since the counter top is a little wide.

Here’s what you need from ikea, the rest depends on your ducting solution.

(2) Wide Alex Drawer Units $129 each

(2) Linnmon Table Tops 59x29 1/2" version $30 each



I’ve been eyeballing those drawers for a while. Are they big enough for proofgrade sheets?

Yep without problem. Only downside is they are just shy of 24" wide so you cant fit 2 12"x12" side by side. But thats a small gripe.


Nice clean installation, great solution :sunglasses:

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Looks really nice.

I bet it cuts down on the noise somewhat as well, wtih an unsulated box around the exhaust point at bet it would be much quieter.

That’s GF promo video level of installation! Nice work.

And it is cheaper than a filter!

hmmm… :thinking:



Even previouslyiest:


:+1: I may give that a go and build a enclosed for it.