IKEA Hacks - Stool

I just bought my Glowforge and was watching the IKEA Hacks - Stool video replay. I noticed that parts of the design for the meteor and bits of the moon (cookie) went beyond the edge of the material tube etched. The design had already been printed before they made the video so my question is, what happens when the laser moves to the design that is beyond the edge of the stool? Apologies if this is a basic settings question or something like that.

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If the design is within the cutting area but beyond the material, the laser still goes there but has little effect.


Thanks for the advice

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The crumb tray and bottom of the GF are both metal so impervious to this amount of laser. Going beyond material only wastes a little time and energy :slight_smile:


That’s good to know. I guess it also means there’s no problem creating designs that bleed right off the end of the target material. Thanks for the advice.


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