IKEA table leg foot extension

So I bought a tabletop and some legs from IKEA but didn’t want to pay $15 per for the adjustable legs I opted for the cheap little $4 legs knowing I would need them to be a little taller but also knowing they had leveling feet in the bottom of them. So when I got home I figured out I would need it to be 5/8" taller to line up perfectly with my desk, but if you unscrew all of the leveling feet out 5/8" your going to have a wobbly table. SO after completely unscrewing the foot I had the idea to cut 5 spacer circles out of draft board for each leg and then I could tighten the feet down on that and have a stable table.

Not sure if anyone will care to have this or not and its not like most if not all of us could design it in a few seconds but sometimes people don’t think to do stuff like this so I figured I would post it just in case.


The one with the big circle is for the bottom spacer and then you make as many of the ones with the smaller circle that you need to get it to the correct height

table foot


Practical cuts are always welcome!


Excellent idea!


Always nice to share, thank you.

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Great going! Glad you could work around the problem!