I'll be visiting Seattle this Friday, can I stop in?


Hi, I pre-ordered a pro model last year and I’m wondering if I can stop in the HQ and check one out? I get in early Friday morning, so maybe sometime in the afternoon?




A week before MakerFaire?
Sorry, just kidding, becau… Bwahahaha…!
Couldn’t help myself. :joy:

(I’m guessing there are about 1000 of us that would walk, drive or fly out to the Glowforge offices if a personal tour/demo was ever allowed.)

Demos for everyone at MakerFaire Bay Area May 21-22


Also, http://faq.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/216014107


Tony, I wish we could host you! We’re busy working towards shipping your Glowforge (along with the rest) and I’m afraid we won’t be able to accommodate a private tour. Please do enjoy your time here though; I’ve got fingers crossed for a beautiful weekend!


One of the things that makes me happy about Glowforge is that the CEO is too busy to look at the weather report. Or else he is an incurable optimist. Either one works. :slight_smile:


Wait a minute…I could swear that I heard that due to the delay in shipping, part of the consolation prize is that we each get to spend a day with @dan at one of these locations (our choice):

An Amusement Park

A Fishing Boat

A Car Racetrack

A Horse Racetrack

That Fish Market where they throw fish around

The Sky Needle

Comic Con

Space X Launch Control Center

Adam Savage’s House for Brunch

Lunch with the Staff of Wired

A Rave

And I know for sure that there were more choices…what am I forgetting, guys??


Your not from around these parts are you. :grin:


Space Needle (took this in December on our annual trek to Seattle).


Love the low light.

From a couple years ago.


Does the monorail still run around there?
Hanging out down there on night waiting for a bus to take me to NAS Whidbey, I was walking and came upon this elevated platform that didn’t have a clear purpose. Standing at the top enjoying the view, wondering what this platform was for - when this silent empty train rolled up to my astonishment!

Got on and rode it around the circuit. Beautiful city!

Edit; sorry, false alarm @karaelena.


Yup the monorail still runs, and it is mostly as useless as ever, but at least now it stops at the EMP and Science Fiction museums.

I have lots of pics of the space needle, but this is one of my favorites from an early trip to Seattle in 2005.


lol, almost as far away in the continental US as possible; NYC :slight_smile:

Edit: Oooh, SPACE, not Sky…lol…my bad, sorry!


And come on guys; what else did dan say we could choose to spend the day doing with him? :smiling_imp:


There was something about 10,000 of us walking out on the replaced Takoma Narrows Bridge and doing a stadium style wave just for science.


mosh pit


I’ve got you beat, Tampa bay Florida. only guys in the US further, are the ones stuck in toasty Miami


I’ve got you all beat; I’m in Honolulu.


aahhhhaa, but I stated “continental” :grin:

and omg, I am not even gonna pretend to not be

of your location


90 minutes in an elevator. :slight_smile: