Illumination Panels



Here is another cool concept from the Materia catalog that could be lots of fun, given :glowforge: 's 3d engraving capabilities! Imagine, say, glowing symbols displaying on a wall panel…


That’s kind of cool…are they laserable? :relaxed:


I don’t know if they are, but, I was thinking it would be fun to make something similar with our own materials. Perhaps a “magic” wall plate that lights up when pushed?


Awesome idea! :relaxed:


Reminded me of this video:


If you can work with a light colored material (or even some dark colored), the GF :glowforge: could score/engrave an line pattern and then pour a thin layer of clear acrylic (to fill in the engrave).

With edge lighting with LEDs, the light would follow the clear acrylic and bring the attention to the engraving.


Sooooo cool! Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!


Ditto ditto ditto :slight_smile:


Whoa… that looks cool! What is it made out of? Laserable?


It looks like all of those materials are potentially laserable, but, some could have been cast also. I know that I could never afford to buy from the manufacturer, but, I thought it would give folks some ideas for playing around with their own materials.