Illustrator help - Fill a void

Hey, gang. Illustrator question.

Suppose I have a box:

The pink is not a stroke; it’s a fill. So the white inside the box is nothing.
How can I fill the white?


Quickest way is to release the Compound Path. (Right click - Release Compound Path.) It will give you two rectangles, both filled.


Yup, Release compound path.

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Oh, neat. Look at that. Worked like a charm.



Now you probably have 2 filled boxes, the small one on (or under) the large one.

Make sure you check for that.

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You can also use the Shape Builder tool if the goal is to just have one rectangle, keyboard shortcut ctrl/cmd+m. Or select and delete that inner path with the white Direct Select arrow tool, keyboard shortcut a.

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another way would be to drop a (filled, no stroke) square behind the pink shape, that is larger than the empty space and smaller than the pink shape, and then select both and do a Trim operation in the pathfinder menu. That would leave you with the current pink (compound) shape as it is, and a new filled shape the size of the current hole.

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Yeah, that would’ve worked. I might have thought of that eventually. :slight_smile:

in the case of a simple shape like this one, any of the methods are gonna be pretty quick. If you have a more complex shape, with lots of voids, the trim method may be faster than some others. The more tools at your disposal, the better!

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You can also select one vertice of the white square and press delete twice. :blush:

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