Illustrator - iPad Pro

Does anyone have any experience in taking designs from the iPad edition of illustrator to a laser engraver? My experience lies in 3D modeling so I’m trying to get a feel for what my workflow is going to look like from the iPad to the forge

I use Adobe’s Capture app on my iphone, and Illustrator CC on the desktop.
I mostly use the trace feature (shapes). It is great for quickly vectorizing stuff, especially black-pen-on-paper sketches. The vectorized image is immediately available on the desktop version of AI as a grouped, single-layer vector. I can choose to edit it the same as any vector, and export in the desired format (or directly to the glowforge plugin).
If I try to save a ‘shape’ to my phone’s camera roll, or email it to myself, or airdrop it to my desktop, all I get is a jpeg (ie, a rasterized image and not a vector).
I gave up on the draw app, because using my finger to draw on the little phone screen was ridonkulous, so I’m not sure what kind of output you get from it if you are not using the CC suite on a desktop. I don’t know what format is used to cloud save if you have the free 2gb basic cc membership. The app site only mentions exporting editable vectors to other adobe products.


This is where I got jumbled up I’m glad I’m not crazy. Since I don’t have the forge and I haven’t tried exporting anything through the cloud to a desktop I wasn’t sure if the vectors would be preserved. I was floored by the organic pumpkin drawings that @maryellen and was hoping that I wouldn’t have to go through the extra step of converting lines if I was already drawing them into illustrator. I guess the next step is to get something I’d eventually be interested in cutting and go for the export and see what comes out?

I do the same and have been really impressed by Capture on both Android & iOS (recently changed ecosystems). For an example, check out my avatar beside this post. :slight_smile:

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