Illustrator on IOS (iPad)

Hey everyone, I just got my email… Adobe Illustrator is now available on the iPad!!

For those of us that are Illustrator users this is pretty awesome.


I just downloaded it and so far I’m very happy with it! I love the way they added explanations for all the new icons that you can hide once you’ve got them memorized. It looks like most of the functionality I depend on is available (expand, convert stroke to path, simplify, etc).

No auto trace though. :frowning:

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Not built in but Adobe Capture app can handle this nicely, it’ll go into your Adobe cloud library so easily accessed by AI app if you want to stay completely on iOS.


Yes, and now that I’ve watched the Keynote on Max I realize that the Pencil tool can easily replace a lot of what I used Image Trace for. Really excited about this app. (Sorry Affinity Designer!)


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