Illustrator plugin sale

I’ve been waiting for one of their 50% off deals before buying a license. Today’s the day.


I gotta’ say, I’ve been using a few of these plugsins and have found them to be incredibly helpful. I was waiting for a sale too as they are quite expensive. Now, I’m good to go. So many to recommend, but I use VectorScribe and VectorFirstAid for the Glowforge all the time. Thanks for the heads up!

I’ve been using Phantasm for several years now for half-toning T-shirt designs. Simply put it’s something you cannot get anywhere else, and does things it would take hours to do manually and would get far less precise result. It’s THE #1 plug-in I’d recommend to people.

Width Scribe is great too, though I only used that as a trial several months ago so didn’t get a lot of use out of it.

dammit, you’re costing me money.


For laser stuff, I found ColliderScribe, SubScribe, and MirrorMe to be the most useful, but I figured that rather than buying them individually at full price, I’d just grab the whole collection during the next sale. Which, for those watching, is almost over.

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Same here. Thank you for costing me more money. I bought the entire bundle. Should be fun!

They have a 60% off sale right now for Black Friday. Any updated recommendations?

Used Phantasm a couple of times lately and wow, you ain’t kidding. The halftoning feature is incredible.