Illustrator question

Forgive me if this is the wrong forum, but being my first post, I don’t have many options for forums to post to.

This is a very noob question I think. If you load A Gift of Good Measure, you will see several elements on the left that can be edited for cutting/engraving/scoring, but the image is whole on the bed of the machine.

I have made a few SVGs in Illustrator, but when I upload them to app.glowforge, they load as a complete image and can not set individual areas of the file to do different functions.

Is there a way to load the file, but have glowforge app recognize separate elements? Or do I need to separate each element into files according to what I want my machine to do and piece it all together in the glowforge app?

Any help is appreciated.

Yep! There are a few design rules:

  1. Different colors will create different operations.

In addition you need to know:

  1. Fill color will be engraved.
  2. Colored strokes can be either cut or scored, but they will default to cuts. If you want to score them you have to set them that way in the interface. (So use a different color for your cuts and your scores in your design.)
  3. Do not set a shape up with both a Fill and a Stroke color, it will default automatically to a cut, and that might not be what you want it to do.

There are a few tutorials and suggested reading to get you started quickly here:

Have fun with it and welcome to the group! Any questions just ask…lots of folks hang around.


Hi! I am very new to all this too! I have found so much help here. I just today found Christopher Masto’s Youtube channel which has some really good information for using Illustrator for Glowforge. Here is the link to setting up the workspace which is really helpful.


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