Illustrator swatches spaghetti

Posting here as I’m not permitted to post in tipsies and tricksies yet.

I’ve seen many posts and file’s concerning color swatches specific to the GF but I get lost in the spaghetti.

For 1, I don’t know if I install the latest color swatch into the illustrator library i.e. the one I found was different from a Utube vid dated 2017 etc, It’s all to much at this point.

Can someone with a masters degree in illustrator give me pointers please?

Many thanks in advance

Try this file. It’ll come in with a palette and the artboard set to the correct size to avoid DPI issues.
(if you like it you can save it to your templates folder as an .ait and it will always be available)

Glowforge Order of Operations 12x20 (53.9 KB)


Thanks, awesome

Uh, maybe me is silly but, eh, sorry, eh, you know

Am I correct in understanding that the GF can only “tell” the difference between max 13 colors as posted by @marmak3261 ? (the angled colored squires numbered from 1 till and including 13)

In other words, the GF specific color swatch I have in my version of Illustrator now, goes up to 13.
Unlike some tutorial video’s I kept some gray and bright’s in there for you never know.

No, it will identify as many colors as there are. (Which can be problematic if you think you snagged the same red that you used before, but missed it by 1.)

The 13 colors are representative of the progression. Black first, Dark Blue, Dark Green etc. etc. etc. I usually just keep that in mind when designing and use darker colors for the things I want to cut first, and get successively lighter with colors for later items. (Keep interiors dark, outside cuts lighter.)


Thanks, that’s one step closer to my black belt GF :shinto_shrine:


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