Illustrator to Fusion360 SVG question

So I’ve been using the two of these programs together for ages. Never had this issue.
Today I’m trying to create a fingered box. I downloaded one from makercase website.
66mm x 66mm x 121mm. This is the INSIDE dimension, with 3mm material.

First, the SVG I get from that website when loaded into Fusion360 SVG is actually 61mmx61mmx113mm.
Doesn’t make sense. Tried a box of online generators, and none are accurate. Dunno why.

Anywards, I plug the SVG into illustrator to better organize them, and save as SVG. Bring it back into Fusion360, and now it’s 51mmx51mmx92mm. WHAT?

I’ve tried all the suggestions online where people said they fixed the issue:

After creating your object, go to objects --> Artboard --> Fit to Artboard Bounds
Save as SVG
Under Subsetting, click "Only Glyphs Used"
Make sure "Responsive" is UNCHECKED - don't worry, it'll still be responsive.

And it isn’t working. I haven’t updated either software, And now I’m wondering if Illustrator has been doing this to me all along.

I’m about to punch my monitor. This has been aggrevating me for the last 3 hours.

Had a lot of trouble with units from transferring DXF files back and forth between CAD programs and drawing programs.

(I finally got around it by designing in mm in F360 and setting up the Illustrator default to be mm as well. Everything transfers over at the correct size.)

Maybe just check the units and make sure they’re consistent.

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He said SVG, not DXF.

Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, Fusion 360 SVG import ignores units and assumes pixels at a fixed DPI. I don’t have it handy to test, but I recall being really frustrated with it the one time I tried.

Is there any way around this? And also, I really appreciate the replies guys. I can always trust what you two have to say in these matters.

Just check the units. (On whatever format you happen to be using.)

Stupid question, but where do I find that in illustrator?

Nope. That wasn’t it.

Both Illustrator and Fusion units are set to mm.
Opened SVG in Fusion, measurement was 113mm
Opened it in Illustrator, moved the pieces around and resaved as SVG.
Opened in Fusion, same measurement now measure 90.xxmm.

Fusion doesn’t import units I think - you might have to scale it. (I seem to recall having to scale imports from AI there as well. But once you export the DXF, going the other way into Illustrator, it should stick.)

Jason showed us how in that series of F360 videos he did (just check the Matrix for the 3D Programs, I’ve got links to all of them in there.)

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One way that I have handled this is to draw a sketch in Fusion360 with a rectangle the size that you want and then import the SVG into that sketch. Fusion should then scale the drawing.

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And I’m wrong yet again. This technique works for raster images, but not SVG.

There’s another method for vectors - you select a part and then set it to the size you want it to be, then everything scales -

I think it’s in this video:

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I just ran a quick test, and it looks like F360 is importing the SVG assuming 96DPI. If you scale by 1.333 instead of 1, it will be close, but not exact.

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