I'm considering selling my Pro and Basic

I have a Pro and Basic that I’m thinking about selling. Is there a way to see how many hours each machine has? Does anyone have experience with selling or buying a used Glowforge? Anything I need to be aware of? Anyone know of a good place to list them?

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@Deleted tends to collect neglected glowforges… :smiley:


are you saying, I am starting a halfway house for Glowforges, that won’t go all the way?



There’s no way to tell hours, but describing when you purchased it, whether you’re a light, medium, or heavy user, where it is, what (if any) accessories you’re including, and whether it’s for local pick-up or you are willing to ship are all useful in ads. Many folks sell through here (and not just to MacGeek).

Once you find a buyer you’ll want to add them as a user on your account, and then contact support and they will switch their account to the owner, and delete yours.


You might note what city you live in and things like boxes, extra materials etc.

he is in Albany, NY
and they where used in his business.


sounds like someone is already on the road to pick up more toys

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(cough) (phlegm) :thinking: we are ‘talking’



Anyone out there, it is still available … dm Him for more details!