I'm dumb - help me with my logo!

I am not a designer. I own a child care center and I bought the glowforge to help me make signage. Now I realize I am quite in over my head. Can anybody help me figure out how to take my logo and make it ready to cut as artwork in the app?


First a couple of questions.

Do you have your logo in some vector format?

Do you have some type of art program installed? Inkscape? AI?

Hi! Thanks for your help. I have installed both AI and Inkscape. My logo did not come in vector format…but I tried to save it as a vector file? :roll_eyes:

This is going depend on what kind of application and signage you are wanting to do. If you want to just engrave the logo, you can add it as artwork with a vector circle you make in AI or Inkscape. Resize both as needed. You would use vary power for the engrave since it is a gradient design. Would be interesting to see how it comes out.

Then as to sizing, since it is a bitmap, you might run into resolution issues at a larger size. That’s where having a vector version will come to. If you can not worry about the gradient in the logo, this would be fairly easy to turn into a vector with Inkscape’s trace feature. One thing you could do is first put it into GIMP or photoshop and change the blue to one solid color. that would make getting a crisp outline easier in a trace.

Did you pay for the logo? Perhaps your original designer can give you the original files. Whenever I get artwork done, I always request if possible that I get different formats and original vectors if made for this reason.

The other thing is to hand trace this. It’s not that complicated of a design. Just past the bitmap in AI or Inkscape and then use the pen tool. Lots of folks have the trace to vector skills down well because they know how to manipulate the bitmaps and colors. I am not always satisfied. So I just recreate from scratch. Sometimes it’s easier that way, or at least saves time until you learn the shortcuts.



There are a number of ways to render that, but you already have the right tool to do that with. There are enough different ways that we will need a bit more insight into what you are after.


What I’d really like to do is to have a cut out of the blue area. I’d like to paint that blue and then lay it over a circle and turn it into a hanging sign with the room name on top.


Not sure what you mean… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You came to the source (this community), good move.

Oh, and welcome to the best resource for your new tool!


I was bored…

logo vector.zip (46.3 KB)

(These guys can tell you how to use it.) :wink:

Coincidentally, there are some tutorials listed here to get you started:


Also bored :smiley: Not sure which way you wanted it, here are two SVG’s one inverted.

marialogo marialogo-invert


See what I mean? :sunglasses:



See what I mean about the experts. They can trace fairly quickly. I am too manual with it.

Watch this design. It has both stroke and fill set. But the center logo is separate so you can turn off the red vector strokes.


[quote=“maria1, post:3, topic:48734”]
I have installed both AI and Inkscape
[/quote]that is good.

Not so good but not fatal.
If at all possible get it from your graphic artist in a vector format.
If you can’t, both AI and Inkscape have a trace function and you can still get what you want.

If you haven’t discovered it yet there is a whole section here dedicated to how to do things, (tips and tricks) you will want to look for “trace”.


Moving to Everything Else so as not to clog up support with tickets that don’t require their input. :slight_smile:


WOW!!! Thank you guys so much!!! I appreciate all of your replies and help! I will post a picture once I have it done!


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