Im excited to pew pew on Monday, except then theres ups

Yay and all the whooorays and such…my super fantastic forge(not its name) is suppose to be here Monday. The wait and anticipation has finally come to fruition! I have to say I wish I could trust ups with the delivery to my door and after all the wondrous horror stories it seems like I’m in for a fun time. I’m stuck in having it delivered to my business, my partner is away and someone’s got to work the counter. Plus ive heard some ridiculous and infuriating stories of their customer service at that location. Oh Philly!! Anyway heres to all my finger crossed, knock on wood and all that other luck rubbing fiascos. Thanks for everyones tips and experiences, feels like I will be comfortable in the quirks and nuances of my new tool!! Keep those pews a coming!!


Chuckle! Good luck! :wink:


Fingers crossed for you!!!

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