Im getting a used glowforge?

yesterday I complained in the forums about no one in glowforge giving me answers about when my glowforge pro will get here, I just wanted answer from them so I can make plans on a trip… the same day glowforge sent me a tracking number, well that was fast after I complained.
NOW when I look at fedex the shipper is Cynergy in Texas, Cynergy handles warranty repairs and remanufacturing for many consumer tech companies, and that includes Glowforge.
is my $6000 glowforge a used one??? why is coming from Cynergy? I need answers, this is a expensive piece of equiment and a refurnished or used one will not do… I want what I paid for.
thank you

Cynergy Texas is also where all the GFs ship from. No need to freak out :slightly_smiling_face:


I know, I freak out about everything… I work from home because I have a chronic illness and I cant work outside the home… so this printer is to enhance my business, so I can pay all this bills… im not playing when it comes to this…

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So yeah, what @ekla said, but it will come tested. They run all the machines through a series of cuts before they send them out to make sure they’re calibrated correctly. (You can see the last screenshot when you first connect the machine, before you connect to your WiFi :slight_smile: )

Since you’re already worried about yourself ahead of time, keep in mind that you’re buying a hobby machine. This company doesn’t make business lasers yet. Now a lot of people are successfully running businesses with it, but they do not have phone support yet, and turn-around for repairs is 3-6 weeks.
Be prepared for that and don’t take on business that will break you if your machine goes down.


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