I'm in artillery, play anything, just play it loud OK?

(hopefully folks recognize the quote, one of my favorite from the movie) My niece is being commissioned next week as a 2LT in the Army in artillery and figured she enjoys a bit of fashion (if you recall way back in PRU days I made her some Army strong leather luggage tags). So figured what does an artillery officer need? artillery earrings. Figured a self-propelled howitzer would make a nice choice. I put the hole for the hardware into the spotlight. This is :proofgrade: green acrylic with engraving for the details (I tried scoring which made a hot mess) and on the back is her rank and last name (in case they drop out)


That’s spectacular :smile:

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You’re rockin’ from the delta to the DMZ! Well done.


Now that’s a personalized gift! :grinning::+1:


Well aren’t you a thoughtful uncle! She’s very lucky.

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She will be blown away … They look great!

… blown away…

we see what you did there. clever play on words an all. :slight_smile:

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