Im on a boat yo!~Models and papercrafting

I found a interesting project book with 18 fold and float ships and boats. Might be interesting to some one besides me.

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My son has one of these, but with planes in it.

Had not considered the fact that with GF and a copy machine I could re-use many of the projects in there.

Found it on amazon. If anyone wants to find it a search at your favorite bookseller should turn it up using one of the two:
ISBN-10: 0811829391
ISBN-13: 978-0811829397
Either number should work.

looks to be possibly out of print but there were some cheap used, new, and like new when I looked.

@jacobturner Your comment about airplanes made me do some searching like @ihermit2 and I found something quite interesting:


I learned a while back that there is software that can take 3D files and turn them into papercraft designs that’d be perfect for Glowforge.

Here’s an example I grabbed from Google images:



O_O… peeeeeeeewwwww… (the sound of my mind being blown…)

The word Pepakura opened up a whole new world of possibilities. is a interesting software that allows you to make Popup cards.


Pepakura is pretty amazing! A lot of cosplayers use it to give themselves a proportional base, and then use many layers of Bondo or other putty to smooth out the corners, to make something that looks like it was sculpted from scratch, but which retains the benefits of having that accurate foundation. There’s some pretty amazing stuff out there that started as flat pieces of card stock.


I was inspired by this guy’s youtube tutorial series about making paper-clay / papier-maché pumpkins last month for a halloween costume. I just let in run in the background while I was working because his voice was reassuringly familiar, like my old stagecraft professor.

I would imagine that the paper-clay method would work wonderfully in conjunction with pepakura designs like the one @Tony showed above for cosplay/costumery.

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There’s a bunch of really awesome designers out there selling papercraft patterns if you keep your eyes peeled. A couple of weeks ago @dean and I put together some pretty killer masks designed by Etsy user Wintercroft for Laser Thursday:


I Came across this blog today from Bert Simons. I didn’t even recognize the sculpture as papercraft at first look but impressed with the use of color printout here.

I had seen these before… but wow… that would be something amazing to make. I could see how the Glowforge could cut exactly what was needed from the already printed design. It would just be a matter of using the camera to line up the edges. Wouldn’t that be something? To actually model and print Masks and amazing designs from Blender. These things could be scaled up or down depending on your needs. Thanks for the post!