I'm waiting over two years for my glowforge

I ordered my printer on Aug 30, 2016. Every time I check, the estimated date of delivery moves forward by a few months. It’s November 2018 now and the estimated delivery date moved to February 2019 again. What is the holdup?

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Where are you? Most people who are delayed are in specific countries, like Australia and Canada.

Also, you’re asking the crowd here. If you want to ask GF staff, you should open a new topic in problems and support or email support@glowforge.com. The staff doesn’t watch this category.


I’m addressing “Welcome to the Glowforge® Community” as the header suggests. There is complete silence on the part of Glowforge for over 2 years. I’m located in Canada.

There are some other threads out there about Canada and delays. From what I understand it has to do with regulatory details. I’m not sure what the official line is, though, maybe someone else knows specifically. Either way, that’s the worst, sorry you’re getting delayed.

Let’s see if I can find the other threads for you.




Here’s the latest on International shipping.


Thank you for the explanation. I suggest sending some sort of update email to everyone in this situation. Last update was sent on Jun 7, 2017. That’s over a year ago.

Thank you

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My understanding is that they are currently shipping Basic and Plus Models to Canada, but not Pros yet.

Update 11/7: We’ve been approved for Canadian shipments of Basic and Plus! Shipments are starting now. Unfortunately, Glowforge Pro shipments have not yet been cleared to Canada. We’ve updated all international shipping dates with our latest forecasts.

You can see the latest in this post which gets updated periodically:

I’m also in Canada, but I drove to the states last year to pick mine up.


Two years? Child’s play. I waited 3. But I finally got it and I love it.

Seriously, I’m just giving you the strength to hang on. Hope it comes soon!


Back in 2015 (December, I believe), they sent out an email that most updates would be posted in the forum, based on feedback from users. There are updates provided on an (almost) monthly basis here. You can also setup your forum account to send you emails for new posts if you desire.




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