Image does not look good to engrave

I have a friend that wants me to laser engrave her logo. I cant get it to show all the details and look the same as the logo its self and when i turn it into a vector it changes it completely has anybody ran into this problem and know ho to fix it? Thanks in advance. If I did it right here is the image so you can see what i’m up against.

KIAC logo

You’re closer to correct than your friend is…lasers don’t pick up color. You’ve got two colors to work with, black (burned) and white (unburned.) So to engrave that logo, she would need to turn it into a black and white photo first. There is not much contrast between the colors, so it’s going to look very muddy, and you’ll lose a lot of details.

If she can give you a black and white version of it, that will engrave well.


Yeah, maybe she can provide a native b&w image for you. It just makes me want to take it and mark it up and go for it. I love this kind of stuff.

I’m thinking her logo in two layers. Laser engraved world background, and then maybe something like white acrylic text over the top. It might help the laser work pop a little more.


Even outlining the people where they overlay the globe will help. Not going to be easy to get a good result on that one.

It would make a good 6 layer cardstock project. It’d be a big display piece but I think it would look great as a multi-layer piece.


The short answer is you need a version close to black and white, because that’s about the level of contrast you need for “graphic” details.

Photos are different because our mind can process the subtle shades of familiar objects.

In this case, the text left white, the people engraved black, the land and sea carefully selected engrave shades to give a little contrast, and everything outlined with a score, like a cartoon. Hours of work to trace all those shapes, unless you can get the source vector image, in which case it would take minutes.

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I have a similar issue I’m having with a grayscale logo that I just can’t seem to figure out the settings for! Any tips would be so greatly appreciated!

Vari-power and up the minimum power.