Image engraving on clear acrylic

Hello. I was wondering if anybody can help may try to figure out how to print a image on clear acrylic the ones that I’ve done only seem to be clear when you look at them from an angle I’m not too familiar with gimp but I’ve been trying to figure it outAny advice and instruction would be greatly appreciated

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It really depends on the kind of acrylic you use. Extruded acrylic like the Plexiglass you find at the local hardware store does not get that white color where it’s engraved. Cast acrylic (like the Proofgrade acrylic) does.

So maybe just try cast acrylic to make it show up more.


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I think a photo of what you’ve done so far and maybe an example of what it is you want to achieve might be helpful. There’s just too many variables to offer advise without a bit more detail. (Setting, material, image, etc.)


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