Images pulling in off of Canva come in pixeled around the outside edges

I was trying out Canva to create designs to cut/engrave on the Glowforge. Last night I had no issues. This morning I tried pulling in a logo in to Canva, then saving it as a JPEG, to engrave. Its a clear image, Black and white. When I import it into Glowforge it looks pixeled around the outside edges and fuzzy. Has anyone had this issue?

I have no idea what “Canva” is, but JPG file format can have “artifacts” due to the nature of the format.

Try using PNG instead.

Thank you for the suggestion. Canva is a graphic design platform to create images. I actually did try PNG first and it did the same thing.

The same logo as last night or a different logo? I’m guessing different logo, which means the logo is probably the source of your issue.

Do you mean it looks pure black and white to the human eye, or do you mean if you pull the image into GIMP or MS Paint or similar there are only two colors of pixel and absolutely no, not even one, pixel that is a third color?

Do you mean the thumbnail preview on the left hand side of the GFUI or do you mean when you engrave it?

When doing an engrave the glowforge will fire the laser for every pixel that is not pure white. Every other pixel will receive some amount of energy from the laser. Sometimes the pixels are so close to white and/or your material is so resistant to being lased that those pixels don’t show up in the final product because there wasn’t enough laser energy to make a noticeable mark. Other times your engrave, how would a teacher put it?, needs improvement.

Based on how I assume you’ll answer my questions, I’d start with the logo. There is a feature in GIMP, I used it once, that will make every pixel either pure black or pure white. This won’t fix pixelation of a low quality image, but it will eliminate noise.

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