Imitation leather settings

What are the settings for imitation leather and do we need to cover it with the masking tape. I am attempting to engrave on a Bible and either the lines won’t go throught the tape or its not strong enough to make a difference

Please stop, and run a test on the material of the Bible before you continue. Most imitation leather contains vinyl, and might contain a chloride component that will damage your machine long term. (Thousands of dollars worth of damage, and it’s not covered by warranty.)

There is a test here that you need to perform on any unknown plastic-like material before sticking it in the laser.


If the material is suitable for the laser you will probably have to do some test runs. Start with higher speeds and lower power and increase the power incrementally until you produce the desired effect.

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Thank you for your quick response…i guess there is a reason it was not working so well.

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Yep…could be why. Some of those plastics and fake leathers just melt into stinky globs anyway. They’re not worth messing with.

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