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Is there a way to cut a single line with the artwork that is part of the new “import artwork” feature?

I have tried importing tens of objects from “import artwork” and when I change them from engrave to cut, there are always multiple cutlines.


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It’s in the shapes icon.

Looks like a circle and a square.


Some of the images are single line vectors, but others are not. Which one in particular are you having trouble with?

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One thing you might try is to use the outline tool with little or no offset, then ignore the original image and cut the outline.

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I have tried several over time.

Today I was looking for an apple to make a gift for a teacher.

Even the most simple apple had double cutlines. I have tried a variety of outline settings including zero and negative numbers. No Luck, today.


Not sure what you’re doing.

I created a blank file, searched for and added an apple. Selected material, changed to ‘CUT’, and it cut as expected, one pass.

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Thanks, that works. I had been using the objects that looked like line art, thinking that they would work best.

Thanks again.

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The outline tool was created specifically for your issue, you use the outline to cut and either score or engrave everything else.

Like so

It’s counterintuitive, but a the things that look like line art aren’t really filled lines, they’re filled line-like shapes. So when you change them to cut, it cuts around the edges of the “lines”.

Glowforge has licensed this content from elsewhere… the upside is that it’s a huge amount of stuff, but the downside is that a good portion of it was not designed with laser cutting in mind. And without (currently) having the rights to download the files and fix them up ourselves, “scroll past the ones that don’t work” is probably the easiest approach.

Outline should work for most of them, though, if you delete the original.



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