Import glowforge to Canada, self clearance

I am new in here
I need help on self clearance. Thanks !
I have the Fedex tracking number and prepare the document for self clearance.
I know we can do self clearance ! I did it couple times already. I requested Fedex to provide CCD for the shipment

They sent this email to me

This shipment are due to cross Coutts-705.  We don’t do self clearance.

Shipment still held in Greatfalls.  Once this cleared from customs then they load this to move Canada.

After that, they sent me another email to sign and let Fedex act as my broker. If I don’t return this form, they will return my shipment to shipper.

Can you believe it?


  • Fedex will hold the shipment in Greatfalls until the custom clear, but they don’t have right to force a return until I reject the delivery, right?

-Anyone has experience on this issue before? How can you solve it

Many thanks

I would use the forum search function for that. I remember a robust thread or two regarding import to Canada.

Thank you. I did the research before and I remember a nice person posted what documents we need to do self clearance.
That’s why I ask Fedex for CCD.
However, I never experience a courier forced a customer to sign a form to release the shipment.

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