Import text from Google Docs

I have been using Google Docs to create text for cutting with good results, exporting a PDF file to import for cutting.

I’m sure there is a better way. Sizing the text on the material is a little “wonky” with the grey box.

Any suggestions?


You have better control of the text appearance overall if you create in in a graphics program such as Inkscape. After you kern and adjust until everything is as you wish, you convert the text to a path before sending it to the Glowforge. The Glowforge doesn’t recognize text from graphics programs unless it is converted to paths.


You could also import the pdf into inkscape to get it exactly right.


Sometimes, for sake of time, I use Google drive /my drive /more /drawings to do text…it saves it as an svg and works well.

Thanks Robermar. This will solve a lot of my issues.

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