Importing exact dimensions

quick question, probably an easy thing I’m missing. how do I get my design to cut in then exact dimensions I have designed it to have in my vector program?

You will have to take the kerf into account, but the exact export process will depend on your program. Can you share any details?

Lots of info on this in “The Matrix:”

It helps to save your SVG files according to the instructions below for whatever program you are using:


Another thing to keep in mind if you are using Inkscape is that Inkscape includes the stroke width in the dimensions and offsets the displayed x,y position The Glowforge will cut along the centerline and ignores the stroke width.

If you want to quickly check the position and actual dimensions, you can switch it to filled, no stroke, briefly and it will show the actual values.

Also, be sure you are using version 0.92 or better and that the design you are working with was authored in that version.


I strongly echo that.
I was using Inkscape 0.4xx, then later switched to 0.92, and the change made all my files the wrong size by a factor of about 1.333, the difference in the imported dpi.



You can set the default preference to measure from the center of the line rather than outside edge.

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