Importing Files into Glowforge

Hi all! I am working on a part that I need to cut. I am having issues importing all files into GF online. I have tried Chrome and Firefox. I am running windows 10 on my PC. I have tried to import SVGs from inkscape and AI, PDFs, JPG, and Bitmap. Every time I import a file it says no artwork, and yes I have converted the image to vectors. Or at least I am thinking I am.

Can you open the Glowforge stuff? Gift of good measure?

yes. I just cannot open my stuff no matter how I try it.

Try something really simple. A Circle. Just one element.

Nothing. It is grey when I import it in, but where it says ready I am getting “No Artwork”

can you share a screen shot of when you get that no artwork message? and if possible post the file you are trying to see if the community can spot the issue? And which design program are you using?

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It sounds like you haven’t applied any settings.

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I figured it out. I was trying to cut slightly outside of the build size. Thanks for your help.


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