In Honor of our Apollo Golden Anniversary

I want to thank this community for the great comments about my first real post ("…founders fun"). Even though I have been involved with computers and all other sorts of technical and industrial jobs since the 70’s, my interaction with special interest and/or social groups online has been limited. Please excuse my occasional stumble on social norms.
In a nutshell, I have been involved with as a career, all aspects of the sheet metal trades. From Shipboard to Aircraft, all disciplines, from design, industrial engineering, pattern making (before and after computers), manufacture and install. Now I prototype aircraft parts that cannot be made by vendors, (very cool job). I have always kept the technical, and creative part of myself as a hobby, occasionally tearing down an ipad or iphone and repairing those types of things on the side.
As a licensed pilot I can tell you that I always knew I could fly, I just needed the wings.
As an aspiring artist I can tell you that I always knew I could create beautiful things, I just needed the proper palette, brush and canvas…

Glowforge Pro has done that for me!!!

However, this post is in honor of Apollo, not just Apollo 11 and the moon landing, but to all Mercury and Gemini before, and Skylab, The Shuttle program and the continuing ISS mission.


Excellent again! (And I need to be sleeping, not getting fired up with more ideas!) :smile:


What a brilliant collection


Wow, quite a body of work! I’m not sure I know what all of those substrates are, but it looks like you nailed it on all of them.


It seems unfair to absorb so many great idea sparks and be so sparing of my own info as it relates to the particulars of each print.
For the most part, as many may have noted, that I really enjoy experimenting on just about anything when I get a notion to play the mad scientist (except anything with “Chlor”, of course).
Most if what is pictured are scraps from the local granite /marble contractors. I secured permission to raid the scrap bin as needed. I also have a similar relationship with a local sign shop for some scrap plastic (HDPE and acrylic).
The marble Apollo clock (WIP) and a couple of others were old marble window sills, broken with a hammer and I call those cracked edge pieces my relic series.
The surprise for all of this is that I have not sold any of these pieces.
I have gifted a few, and, I know that I could do well to sell here in such a great tourist town.
Sometimes I just feel like a squirrel, needing to store his food for the winter.
There is plenty of ceramic and porcelain tile as well as marble and granite. I have tried white enamel backed clear glass with great results.
I will be more than happy to discuss the particulars for those who ask.


Lots of gorgeous stuff! I love the fine detail you use.
Currently working on a Apollo 11 themed shadowbox. Stay tuned… :rocket:


Exploring materials felt like a treasure hunt to me! Laser (almost) all the things!
Nice work!:sunglasses:



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Some gorgeous work! Total eye candy!