In honor of St. Patrick's Day

We made these little pins for our friends out of 2mm EVA and Worbla.

2mm EVA settings
Engraving - 1000/12/340
Cut - 350/20/3x
Edit - Oops, completely forgot, if using EVA, heat seal the foam first! Before putting it thru the Glowforge, use a heat gun and pre shrink it. Low settkng until it’s a tad shinny on both sides.



I bet your friends were thrilled! Lovely design, thank you.

How pretty! :grinning:

Thanks! I’m always glad to get a Celtic knot design.

Eva is on my list of materials to try. Why heat seal? How does it react with or without the heat seal? Is the worbla for strength or stiffness. Great design btw.

Thanks! EVA has the tendancy to shrink when hit by the laser, esp. during cutting. If you heat seal it first that stops the shrinking from happening.

I used Worbla for add support because 2mm of foam was too flimsy.


Thank you! That is very helpful! I think I will probably take a look if it works. Polyurethan foam should be fine.

Hi! Is there a way to download this in svg form? Thanks!

there does not seem to be a file her?

That’s a PNG file. (Right click and Save As). So it will engrave. The cutline would need to be recreated with an autotrace.