In house vac system for ventilation

I have an inhouse vac system in my home that is not used. The unit is in the garage where i will be setting up my GF.

The system as a 2" exsaust pipe that leads outside. Initially I thought of using the exhaust pipe and a 4-inch inline fan to vent. My buddy said why not use the entire vac system precluding the need for an inline fan.

Any thoughts
Nuub Chan

You will be compressing the air from 4 inches to 2 inches. I don’t think it will exhaust very well. Just an amateur’s opinion.


For the same reason woodworking dust extraction systems are 4" minimum, 6" preferred, this is a bad idea.


to add to that, your vac system hose is probably very very long and would take a pretty powerful fan to push the fumes all the way out.


And it would get coated in really nasty stuff.


I am going to jump on the “bad idea” side here. I think you would greatly regret it if you tried to use your 2" pipe system. It could make your whole house smell and damage vacuum and possibly the :glowforge: if the output is lacking. And it would be nearly impossible to clean.


I m sure you know this already, but there is an operating temperature range for the :glowforge: So depending on where you live you will have to regulate the space to operate.

Aside from everyone’s input on the 2" size, the other reason i would think. is the vacuum units I have experience with are LOUD! The inline fan is in a lot of installations intended to make things quieter.

If your(or the next owner) ever wanting to use it again, putting the exhaust from the :glowforge: would almost certainly make that not possible.

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I was thinking that since the system was dragging from inside the house, that it could go to an inclosed area around the Glowforge making it a lot cooler, then an external fan through a hole made 4:" or 6" as the external was sized.

Thanks for the info. What is the operational temp for GF

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