In maker hell tonight

Sigh, nothing is working… It’s a beautiful night outside after a gorgeous day in the 70s here in Boston, but none of my maker devices are cooperating on a tight deadline…

I am trying out the Moldlay filament (a paraffin like filament for investment casting) which keeps clogging the nozzle after a few layers and the PRU keeps failing to cut the mold box with the purple button failure (which is unique to myGF PRU apparently) which is the worst tease. Because it starts out like it’s going to work, but while it moves perfectly there is no pewpew and it eventually times out (I don’t let it), and the only solution is to turn it off… You get really sick of the recalibration routine (which I am also living on my 3D printer with the clogging - but it at least uses end-stops so is about 10x faster). I know it sounds whiny to complain my PRU isn’t working when others don’t have their GFs yet, but once you get used to having a functional piece of equipment, it’s annoying when it doesn’t work and you can’t do anything to make it better… Even the bobbin on my sewing machine was being cranky and I ended up with a big fluff ball on a project which was a pain to cut back off the piece when it didn’t sew right…

Sorry just needed to vent…:rolling_eyes:


How is your new Mac doing?

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My new MBP 15" is very nice (although the stupid USBC-Ethernet adapter doesn’t work on our corporate network… yay… Glad to have to purchase all new dongles. But it is very fast.


Understand totally. (Did you check with support on the Purple Button issue? I get one once every couple of months or so, but all the time doesn’t sound great.) :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, oddly enough Apple does not make a USB-C -Ethernet adapter. I’ve had issues with the third party adapters, we use a form of BOOTP for our diagnostics, and for some reason the 3rdparty adapters won’t pick up. It may be the drivers don’t load early enough. The adapters work for us for all other functions, just not the one we need.

The Apple USB-C to USB adapter with the Apple USB-Ethernet adapter DOES work oddly enough, just not for Gigabit connections.


100% agree. And then wasting time trying even knowing it’s likely to be futile :slight_smile:

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If you need something laser cut urgently, let me know, I’ll gladly help you out.


Yes, helpfully it is fixed in production units. I gave up lasing tonight. It was over an hour trying to start the job…

Thanks Joe. Not that urgent. I can print the box at the lab if necessary

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Moldlay is a pain. I can’t get it to print anything less than 100 microns. I use a bed temp of 65 C and a nozzle temp of 200. My nozzle is 0.3 mm.
With anything at or over 100 micron layers it is beautiful.

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On the single life thing… The HP dongles work on the apples but for less yhe price

well, this pretty much sums it up, I get it to finally not clog…


Some days the best thing to do is stop, grab a beer and start again tomorrow. Hoping for better luck in the morning for you


That stinks! Cool to see on video though

Sounds like a pretty rough day … hope today is better!

That is…seriously rough…but I’ll tell you, whatever you were making before the printer head decided to waltz the print all over the bed, it looked really fascinating. I hope it decides to stop throwing tantrums and cooperate for you today, your builds are always amazing :slight_smile:


have you tried BuildTak for a print surface? I’ve been using it on 3 of my printers for 2 years and it is amazing. I usually have a hard time getting prints off.

I just bought makerbot filament to use in my Monoprice Maker Select because I thought the discount stuff I had bought previously was too inconsistent. I was getting bad prints all the time.
At some point (I am guessing about 2 hours in) after I left it there was a jam, the gears that feed the filament into the print head turned the filament basically into dust. It ran for at least 11 hours without filament. Now when I heat the printer and feed filament in, its hitting a blockage. I’ll need to disassemble and figure out how to remove the jam and how much damage was done.

I feel your pain.

Oh, man!
If all things in the universe are truly connected, I hereby will you some better luck! :wink:

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