In My Humble Opinion

Project Notes:

Uses “old school” construction techniques. Involves cutting out paper patterns and gluing them to wood which is then cut on a scrollsaw. I don’t own a scrollsaw.

Materials can be tricky to find since they tend to be specified in metric units and call for thicknesses like 3/8" and 5/8".

I used a CNC to cut the frame, body and head. Converted everything else (cams, followers, arms, etc.) to vectors and laser-cut from layers of 1/4" birch ply or 1/8" Baltic Birch.

Also used a 3D printer for more realistic-looking pointing hand and clenched fist. Redesigned the nose and ears to look better. Added a laser-cut tie and white shirt front. Most importantly, added “googly eyes”.

Love the realistic motions of the speaker. Opening/closing his mouth. Looking side to side. Gesturing with his right arm and slamming his fist on the tabletop periodically.

Didn’t like composition of a chart or sign behind the speaker. It’s a narrow piece and the man obscures the message. Decided to add a “floor” to the piece and and offset an easel/sign to the side of the podium. Flocked the floor to give the appearance of carpeting.

Spent a lot of time translating the design to a Sketchup 3D model. Helps immeasurably with understanding precise arrangement of mechanism (there’s a lot going on underneath).

Working on a second build that is fully laser-cut and uses a 3D printed head in addition to the hands. I like the charm of the wooden head but it was a lot of effort to get right.

Some pictures and a couple videos attached. Check for the appearance of a feline cameo in one video!


This was a post that gave me a good start to the week. I love it.Using it to wake the cat and not just lobby for more horses is genius. Well done - what a lot of work.


I’m always a sucker for animatronics. Nice work, looking forward to the next evolution!


for me the argument was “why not get more chickens”
It looks awesome!!! – So cool!!!



This is awesome! I have been wanting to do something like this for a while now, but just to many other things going on and working on…

I hope to get to it someday.

Great job! I hope to see more!


Ohmygosh, amazing! So amazing that I didn’t even notice the cat until it was mentioned ( :scream_cat:). The animation is pretty stellar too.


immediately made me think of this guy having grown up and gotten an office job. :rofl:


wow, I am blown away by the engineering to make this work, amazing project.

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I do see the resemblance!

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That is terrific! Love it! That he pounds his fist is the best part! I like how the cat pops up in the background of the video, too! Just fantastic! I think I need one.

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He sells his plans on an Etsy shop called WoodenDiversions if you’re interested. Cost was $14.30 USD.


Cat is unimpressed, but I am. Nice work!