In search of flexible material

Hello everyone, I am hoping that someone can help me. I have been searching for a particular material that is flexible, duet color ( so I can engrave and see the middle color). I have spoke with a few companies and they have sent me samples however, their material is to stiff! I’m looking for a material that is some what rubbery like. Needs to be super flexible and won’t snap when put under pressure. I’ve attached a couple pictures, hopefully it helps!

Thank you for any and all help!


That looks like painted leather…

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Or sheet magnet. It bends like that, and frequently comes with a coating of some kind. (You would be able to engrave the coating off, but not cut it. That looks die cut.)

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Johnson Plastics distributes a faux leather that is meant to be laser engraved, two-color style. They call it their saddle collection and here is a link:

They have a black with silver underneath and three shades of brown with black underneath - no white and black. Several people here have used it and you can search the forum for saddle collection to find some examples (and one post with detailed settings.)

You said you wanted flexible. This stuff takes the definition of flexible and stretches it. I made some luggage tags from it and they’ve survived baggage handling on two European trips, six legs each trip, and a domestic trip or two. I thought they’d be gone first leg, but no. So they probably won’t snap off on you.


Hello, yes it is die cut. And now that you mention it, it does bend almost like a thin magnet would. It isn’t magnetic though… But you gave me some good ideas of other places to look and research. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the link! I didn’t even know this was available! I love leather!! I will be checking into this.

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Unless they’ve changed their policies, if you do buy, see if there is a retail location near you. Otherwise beware their shipping charges (just buy more, IIRC it was flat rate :wink:).

AWESOME! So good to know! THANK YOU!

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Note, this is FAUX leather. Not nearly as nice as real…
What you use will depend what colors you want and thickness. Most real leather provide contrast between the top surface and the etched areas. And if etched area is big enough, and you have a steady enough hand, you can always paint that inner area, or the top non-etched area.

Another idea–layer leathers, or material:
Put your design with the svg for cutting and image file for etching all lined up–or in this case, will also be a cutting. Ignore the outer shape. Use pins or magnets to help register the material on the bed and cut only the “artwork” from the top layer material. Then glue that to the bottom layer, and then place back on the bed, ignore the inner artwork and cut the outer shape. And pending material used, if leather, you can used edge coat paint and it will help disguise the fact it’s two layers of leather… Anyway, just an idea…

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Thank you so much for this insightful information! Very useful! I will definitely be trying this!

Do they only sell wholesale?

I just want to throw in here, even though another material has been discussed, that the thin sheet magnet stuff does not hold up to repeated flexing. It’s OK for adapting to a shape a few times, but it becomes really brittle after that. Nothing like leather/faux leather or other synthetics…

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No, but they mainly sell to businesses, hence their shipping policy.



September 19
Do they only sell wholesale?

Here is another source of somewhat flexible material. (Not leather). I haven’t tried it although it certainly looks interesting.

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