In search of laserable foam

Hi folks

I’d love to better organize and protect my sons (at least I tell myself they are his…) X-Wing miniatures with foam like this. Looks just like pluck foam without being pre-cut.

Unfortunately I’m striking out so far in my search. If anyone has a source for a similar, laserable, foam I’d love to hear of it!



Try or kaizen foam on Amazon. I have several ideas on this when my GF arrives.
(I’m hoping it’s laserable, anyway)



I was thinking about laminating layers of eva foam for this same purpose.


A basic search on the forum yielded this:

There may be others, this was just the first result.

Following the tool/knife storage posts I just made this out of stacked layers of Harbor Freight floor mats. (EVA foam)



I ordered mine from here:

Foam Order

They will even do custom cuts for you (I had all mine done 12x20 so they fit the glowforge out of the package.

I’ll post my settings in Beyond the Manual when I get around to it.


oh, and don’t forget to think of things to do with the cutout sections. (1/4" hex tool bit holders)


Thanks all for the suggestions.

I think the EVA foam will work great for tools but I’m concerned that it is too dense/firm for this purpose. @jbpa if you do end up using EVA for x-wing please post your results, will be very curious to see how it goes.

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A lot of folks cut the EVA foam with the laser, and I just picked up a couple of boxes of it, so it had better work! :smile:


That looks great

Please do post your settings, will watch for it

Thanks, will check them out

Saw that too, should have mentioned that I searched the forum already. Thanks.

You may be correct, but I currently have a lot of my ships in 3D printed holders, which are definitely more dense/firm than the EVA foam. I was thinking EVA simply because it is easy to get, and lasers cleanly. There are other foams that I was looking at as well. When I have a chance to test, I will share my results.

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Thanks. I might be over thinking it. Right now all of our ships are on display, but it’s time to rotate them out. This will be the first time they are stored in anything beyond the packaging we bought them in. Will watch for what you come up with.

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Contact Peter at Carolina Custom Foam. He may have the product you are looking for. I use his foam for CNC projects, but he is creating laser projects with his foam. Really nice guy and has the MSDS sheet if you ask. I’ve looked it over but have little to no experience to provide any suggestion. Good luck.

Thanks! That looks like it could be the stuff!

What setting do you use on the 'forge for the foam?

Unknown at the moment, I have yet to purchase any. Will report back when I do.