In which your friendly neighborhood librarian makes trophies (and a quick gift!)

Just a couple of quick projects from last night.

First up, an acrylic trophy prototype for the winning team of our Battle of the Books competition. Simple slot construction, not glued so the kiddos can get them home in their backpacks (they loved that, so I sold it as a feature, not that I ran out of time, ha ha!) Finally, something I could post for #whatmadethis!

Then it was a quick birthday gift for my assistant librarian. Baltic birch, a little rope I had on hand, and a favorite Carnegie quote about libraries.


Wow, do I love being able to take something from idea to reality in a matter of hours. It still blows my mind! :smiley:


And they turned out just lovely! :grinning:


Very cool!


Me too! Almost a year now, and I am continually amazed at the ease.


Excellent pieces! I really like the curves in that sign.


Lovely! That font looks scored rather than engraved- is that right? I imagine that is a huge time saver. Where did you find it?


Both are great projects … But love the quote and the shape of the second! Excellent font!

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Yes it’s scored…it was such an open font that I thought it would work better (and it did go over it twice in spots). I should have engraved the name though…it wasn’t as readable as I would have liked.

I can’t remember the font name…I’ll dig up the file tonight. :smiley:

I remember I got it from FontBundles as one of their package deals…they do a lot of free ones too with commercial licenses so if you haven’t discovered them yet, they are worth checking out!