Inaccurate Cuts


Flatness may not be the issue, but motion might. The way I read your accounts, sometimes the cuts are properly aligned, sometimes they’re not. And more likely to have proper alignment when there are fewer total cuts being made. There aren’t a lot of things in the GF software that could produce that result inconsistently for the same file. There are some hardware things that could do it, with either the motion system losing steps inconsistently or the material moving during the job. If you can guarantee that the material isn’t moving (by pinning it down or using serious magnets) and the problem still occurs, you’ve made the issue easier to diagnose.


Yeah, that kind of worries me as that’s something I cannot fix. =(


Ribbon cable lying flat with no twists? No junk on the side belts?


My first GF started doing that when it developed alignment issues. If I cut anything that had parts within the rightmost few inches of the bed, everything would get misaligned and things would overlap and come out funky.

Try printing a Gift of Good Measure as far to the right as possible on the bed, and see if it messes up. If so, it might be the same problem I had.


I’ll give that a shot tomorrow. Did you have to replace your glowforge? Not sure how possible that is since I’ve had mine a good while now…


Yep, I did. I’d had it about 6 months before it started going wonky on me.


Thanks for the help in this thread, everyone. The steps suggested by @geek2nurse are exactly what’s called for to help us troubleshoot further.

I will suggest one alteration, however. Since the printable area on your Glowforge is smaller when you’re engraving, you may not be able to place the Gift of Good Measure as far to the right as your cut-only designs.

Could you please ignore the “Engrave” steps in the Gift of Good Measure when you run this test? Print it near the far right hand edge of the material, and let me know how it goes, along with the date and time of the print.

Thanks in advance!


Sure thing… I tested at 1:05pm (Pacific), 10/11/18. No engraving and it looks like the scoring and cuts were flawless. I placed it in the top right corner, as far as it could go with the arrow keys.


Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.